Strategic Communication

Model and canvas to develop, plan, implement and evaluation of corporate communications

Strategic communication is the bridge between the needs, wishes and questions of target and reference groups and the vision of the company. While the company’s business model satisfies customer needs or solves customer issues, strategic communication answers all the questions from target and reference groups that may arise in connection with the company’s services. Therefore, well-implemented strategic communication directly contributes to the realisation of the company’s vision and thus immediately becomes part of the business model or mission of the company.

For this reason, the model of strategic communication comprises three levels, the top of which includes the organisational or corporate strategy. In this way, one can recurrently verify if communication measures are actually helping achieve the company’s goals. If the company’s strategy changes, the implications of these changes for communication can be easily determined.

On the second level, the communication strategy defines meaningful general parameters for corporate communication. It is a specific strategy that translates the relevant aspects of the organisation strategy for the context of communication.

The third level of communication tactics is ‘only’ concerned with directing and optimising the operational processes of corporate communication.

Model and canvas of strategic communication
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